Ms A, Nigerian national and parent to three Nigerian and three British children, contacted us for help with regularising her stay in the UK, which had expired in 2019, she had been unable to afford the Home Office fee to apply for an extension to this visa and for legal assistance.

Her relationship with her husband, the British children’s father had ended in divorce in 2016 and she and the children were being housed and given money for food by social services. She was understandably feeling unsettled and struggling with day-to-day life.

With our assistance Ms A was granted a Home Office fee remission and we made a successful application, which included detailed representations and following up when the Home Office requested a copy of an order made in the Family court, for her to be granted a further 30 month stay with recourse to public funds meaning that not only can she legally remain in the UK she can work, claim welfare benefits and can access social housing enabling the whole family to fully participate in society.