You can find the answers to many of your questions below.

Can I get Legal Aid?

You may be eligible for Legal Aid if you want help with an issue covered by Legal Aid.

We have legal aid contracts for Community Care, Housing, Immigration and Asylum.

What we can do is limited by legal aid scheme rules:-

  1. Clients have to be financially eligible (ie on Benefits or a very low income)
  2. There must be more than a 50% chance of a successful outcome in the case (the “Merits Test”)
  3. The positive outcome must justify the cost of the case (the “Sufficient Benefit Test”)

What we can do is also limited by the scope of the scheme in the particular area of law.

Although we can help people outside of Luton and Bedfordshire, we may direct you to a Law Centre that is closer to you for Legal Aid.

Do you have interpreters?

If you qualify for Legal Aid, we may be able to arrange for an interpreter. However, to find out if you qualify, we will need to ask you questions about your income and circumstances. When you contact the Law Centre for the first time, please have someone with you who can speak English.

Is the service confidential?

Yes. We have a strict duty of confidentiality to all people who are advised and helped by the Law Centre. This confidentiality applies to all the information we have about you.

If we feel that another organisation can help you better, we will ask your permission to pass on your details.

I have a quick question

Please phone our AdviceLine on 01582 481 000.

Do I have to live in Luton to get advice from you?

Luton Law Centre mostly helps people who live in Luton, but we may be able to take on your case if you live elsewhere. Some of our Legal Aid contracts allow us to help people in Hertfordshire or the rest of Bedfordshire.

Do I have to be on benefits to get advice from you?


You can get free advice on Housing, Homelessness, Immigration and Asylum and Care at Home by calling our AdviceLine sessions.

You may be eligible for Legal Aid if you have a low income or are on benefits, and the issue you want help with falls under Legal Aid. You will have to show proof.

If you want help with an Immigration issue that doesn’t fall under Legal Aid, we offer a fixed fee service.

Can I come and see someone without an appointment?

We do not have facilities for you to drop in. Please use our AdviceLine (01582 481 000). We may be able to help you over the phone, or we may make an appointment for you to come in and see a caseworker.