Immigration and Asylum
Immigration and Asylum
Community Care
Community Care

Luton's Specialist Legal Advice Charity

Community Care, Housing, Immigration and Asylum
Rights and entitlement to social care and health care services; for older people, young people leaving care, people with disabilities, and physical and mental health problems.
Claims for possession, Eviction, Serious Disrepair (causing serious risk of harm to you or your family), Homelessness applications. Unlawful eviction, Harassment by a landlord or agent
Immigration and asylum law. Applications for leave to remain, indefinite leave to remain and British Nationality. Grounds of appeal and representation in immigration appeals. EU members and their families.

About Us

Luton Law Centre is a not-for-profit legal practice which gives professional, confidential legal advice and assistance.

We use our legal expertise to make sure everyone has access to justice.We help people get the support they are entitled to, or get redress for unfair or wrong decisions.

We are an independent registered charity, run by a voluntary Board of Trustees.

Our Team

We have a team of six legal experts who deal with Housing, Immigration and Asylum, and Community Care. 

We are assisted by students and volunteers who help us see and support more people.

Our Board

Our Board is made up of twelve voluntary members who bring their skills and experience to manage the policy and strategic direction of Luton Law Centre, and oversee its financial performance.

Get Help

Please note we can only help with issues relating to Community Care, Housing, Immigration and Asylum.

How We've Helped

How to Contact Us

The best way to get in touch with us is to telephone our AdviceLine service. We may be able to give you enough advice on the phone for you to resolve your issue, or alternatively, we may offer you an appointment if we need to meet you face-to-face or look at paperwork.

You can find out more about our AdviceLine opening times here.

Our Address

Community House
15 New Bedford Road
Luton LU1 1SA

We are in the same building as Citizen's Advice Luton

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    Luton Rising is the owner of London Luton Airport and we are grateful for the grant from their community funding programme, which is managed by Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation.